Do you have savings bonds you received from aunts and uncles or grandparents as a gift while growing up? Did you find savings bonds in the house that you grew up in after your parents passed away?   

If the answer to these questions is yes, you may be wondering how much they are worth today. can provide you with an answer. This government website makes it very easy to calculate the value of bonds today. Simply plug in the bond series, denomination, issue date, and serial number and the value will be computed. There is also information about how a bond can be redeemed. If the bond owner has passed away, the bond can be redeemed by the beneficiary or person designated to be Paid on Death (POD). If there is no one named to be paid on death, a probate estate will need to be opened to allow a personal representative to be appointed to redeem the bond

The tools on this website will NOT let you know whether you are the owner of a bond or if a serial number is valid. The government website also warns against trusting internet scams which promise that providing your birth certificate and other private information will allow them to determine if you are the owner of any bonds you may be unaware of. When looking for answers to your questions about savings bonds, only trust the official website 

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