Wouldn’t a tax refund from the State of Michigan for property taxes you paid be a nice surprise? For many people who sold their homes prior to 2011, the State Equalized Value (SEV) for their home was lower than it was when they purchased their home. This is primarily due to the real estate crash in 2008 where many homeowners saw the value of their homes dip below what they owed on their homes and the world of foreclosures and modifications became a disturbing reality for thousands of families.

New law enacted

Many homeowners who were fortunate to sell their homes and get out from under their mortgages sold their homes for a value less than what they purchased their homes for originally. Because this became the norm for many homeowners prior to 2011, Michigan enacted a law that provides for a tax refund to homeowners in this type of situation. You must have sold, exchanged or transferred the real estate on or after June 24, 2011.

In line for a tax refund? What can you do?

If you believe you meet these requirements contact our office. If you do meet certain requirements, we can assist you with getting your tax refund from the State of Michigan for a minor fee to cover our time. We can be reached at either of the following numbers: (989) 652-2671, (989) 777-1930 or (989) 792-1111. Don’t miss out on the State of Michigan giving you a tax refund!