I have always wondered why people do not focus their entrepreneurial spirit and efforts on positive things instead of trying to take a short cut to success for money. The latest zany “scam” in my opinion is a letter that is being sent out to anyone who records a deed with the Register of Deeds in any county in Michigan. The latest entity refers to themselves as “Property Transfer Services” and they send a person an “official” letter after the deed has been recorded, promising to get the person a copy of the deed for the price of $83.00. Unbeknownst to the customer is that they can get a copy on their own for just a couple bucks! Our Firm has decided to send a cover letter to our clients whom we do deed work for to warn them of what in our opinion is a “scam”. Most of our clients are extremely grateful, especially our more elderly clients who rely and trust more readily such things. Some of our clients have gotten the “official” letter right after we sent them a letter warning them. The other clients may be too embarrassed to let us know that they paid the $83.00. There is probably nothing illegal about the letter, but it just seems wrong to take advantage of a person when they do not have knowledge, especially when the knowledge is virtually free! A copy of the “official” letter sent to our clients by “Property Transfer Services” is attached. Anything we can do to inform the public about this is good for everyone!

Deed Processing Notice – Scam