The United States Senate has a Special Committee on Aging that maintains a Fraud Hotline. By calling the Fraud Hotline number (1-855-303-9470), consumers can report a scam and also obtain information about how the most common scams operate and how to avoid becoming a victim of those scams. You can also access an on-line report about the scams that were most frequently reported to the Fraud Hotline during calendar year 2015 by clicking on this link.

Most common scam listing

The most commonly reported scams are listed below. The number in parentheses is the number of that type of scam reported to the Hotline in 2015:

1. IRS impersonation scams (387)

2. Sweepstakes Scams (157)

3. Robocalls/Unwanted Phone Calls (93)

4. Computer Scams (87)

5. Identity Theft (75)

6. Grandparent Scams (63)

7. Elder Financial Abuse (59)

8. Grant Scams (37)

9. Romance Scams/Confidence Fraud (28)

10. Home Improvement Scams (24)

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