I was appointed as the Personal Representative for the Estate of Robert G. Heft by Judge Patrick J. McGraw, Saginaw County Probate Court, in 2009 after Heft, a former school teacher, died on December 12 of that year at age 68. Since my appointment as Personal Representative at that time, Zolton Law Offices has been in possession of the flag that Heft represented to be the 50-star design of the U.S. Flag. It is said that Heft created the 50-star flag design for a high school history class project when he was 17 years old. It’s hard to believe, but he received only a B-minus for his effort. However, he asked his teacher if the grade could be changed if his design was accepted by Congress. It was, and he later received an A. He also submitted a 51-star design when it was discussed to possibly include Puerto Rico as a state. The rest of the story can be gleaned from Google or other internet websites about him.

Flag flew in all 50 states

Much of what Heft indicated to the public during his public talks and seminars has been confirmed as accurate. However, some things cannot be confirmed. Did he ever meet President Eisenhower? We do not know. He stated he did. We do know that he met Bob Hope, James Brown and other famous people who believed in his story and what he lectured about regarding the U.S. Flag. We know that the flag flew in all 50 states.

Presently, Judge McGraw has ordered that the U.S. Flag be sold and converted to cash so that, assuming all Estate bills have been paid, a trust can be funded and established for Mr. Heft’s great niece and nephews. Those were the wishes of Mr. Heft, who desired to provide a financial legacy for their education.