It is very common in our local subdivisions for trees to be found close to the boundary line and to have grown to a point that they hang over our neighbor’s yard.  Sometimes, these trees are often found hanging over the property of a neighbor that we do not get along with.  State Representative Ryan Berman (R-Commerce Twp.) has introduced a bill to make the owner of a fallen tree responsible if it falls on a neighbor’s property, that is, for the removal of debris, clean up and the repairing of property.  The tree’s owner could be responsible for all damages, even if it were damages caused by an “act of God”.  Hardly seems fair if an “act of God” (wind, storms, hail) is involved that our home insurance would not pay.  Trees are beautiful but may prove costly for some of us.  This proposed law is called the Tree Owner Liability Act (HB4915).  Stay tuned.