You might remember that Zolton Law Offices is handling the estate of Robert G. Heft, the original designer of the United States flag. You can read more about it here in a previous blog entry.`

When Heft died in 2009, he left behind countless treasures. Two of these items were the original U.S. flag that he designed for a class project while in high school. The second item was a gold ring with the lettering that stated he was the original designer.

Heft items on auction block

Zolton Law Offices put both items up for auction through eBay earlier this year pursuant to Saginaw County Probate Judge Patrick J. McGraw’s order.

Unfortunately, there were no bidders at the minimum bid price of $2,000. Additionally, the gold ring did not sell either. Zolton Law is currently evaluating the options for these items and other memorabilia that now are the property of Zolton Law Offices due to costs and legal expenses incurred by the estate. We have been approached by persons after the auction with some proposals and will keep you informed of what transpires.