The latest chapter in the “Beware – Caveat Emptor” novel is that of something being sent out from an out-of-state entity called Recording Transfer Services. For background, when someone records a document at a Register of Deeds in a county, a copy can be obtained by anyone of that original recording for just a few dollars.

Our clients were calling us about being charged for a copy of their documents, so we investigated it further. We discovered that individuals or entities, one such entity being Recording Transfer Services, are sending a document that looks very “official” to persons who have had a recent real estate recording. The “Notice” informs them that they can obtain a copy or their recorded document for $83.00.

We have attached a copy of what the “official” looking Notice looks like but have removed the personal information of our client. If you want a copy of any recorded document at a Register of Deeds call them first to verify the cost. It will not be $83.00. In fact, it is probably just $1.

Attached is what we send out to our clients with their deeds. Zolton Memo Sent with Deeds