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Family Law

Zolton Law carefully serves husbands and wives, and mothers and fathers, with a complete array of family law services. We understand that these cases are often emotionally charged, and we have the experience to help you successfully navigate through the legal process.

Guardianship and Conservatorship – Both of these appointments are court actions and require ongoing supervision and annual reporting to the court. In most cases, these court appointments can be avoided with a Power of Attorney and a Medical Power of Attorney. Zolton can help with both of these documents allowing you to decide your affairs while you are still competent to do so.

Adoption - We can help you explore and develop your plan for building your family, whether you are a prospective adoptive parent or an intended parent. We work with married couples and single persons. If you are a birth parent seeking to place your child for adoption, we will support, inform, and advocate for you as you examine your options for finding a loving family for your child.