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Powers of Attorney

There are circumstances where it is best to allow others to make decisions regarding your health or finances where a power of attorney is required. A power of attorney is a legal document signed by a person giving another person the power to act in conducting the signer’s business, including signing papers, checks, title documents, contracts, handling bank accounts and other activities in the name of the person granting the power. Powers of Attorney are commonly used in the elder care and estate planning toolbox and Zolton can assist with these documents.

Types of Powers of Attorney:

A Durable Power of Attorney - (DPOA) is a document that allows you designate a person (or persons) to make financial decisions on your behalf either at your direction or should you become incapacitated.  Without one, those who are to care for you must petition the court to have you declared legally incompetent to make financial decisions--a lengthy, stressful, and often costly process.  Oftentimes, those who are tending to your finances will be called into court annually to justify the spending and investment of your finances.

A medical power of attorney or advanced directive is a document in Michigan that allows a patient advocate to make your medical decisions when you cannot. Without a POA in place, those who are there to care for you must petition the court to declare you legally incompetent before they can proceed. This can be a lengthy and expensive process.

There are many other types of POA, which can be specifically tailored to your circumstances. And, due to a change in Michigan law, all POA's created prior to 2012 should be reviewed.  We are happy to review and suggest revisions to your POA's to ensure that they include all appropriate provisions and accurately reflect your wishes.