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Elder Law

Elder Law is a term that encompasses a broad understanding of aging and the law, which includes expertise in Medicaid and Medicare, and the interplay between the varied issues, which may affect people in their later years. Elder issues include long term car planning, asset preservation and estate planning, generational gifting and family trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney to name a few.

Zolton Law can help you with all these issues and more. We meet you where you are and frequently visit our clients in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities. We look after our clients on issues of healthcare surrogacy, elder abuse and neglect as well and providing help with IRA’s and Retirement accounts.

Common Elder Law Terms

Elder Care – Public, private, formal and informal programs and support systems, government laws and finding ways to meet the needs of the elderly including: housing, home care, pensions, Social Security, long-term care, elder abuse, health insurance and elder law.

Inheritance Tax - Taxes that may be imposed by the state where a deceased person lived, or where his or her property is located after death.

Healthcare Power of Attorney - Also known in some states as a healthcare proxy, this is a written document naming an agent to act on your behalf. It may also include how you want medical decisions to be made if you lose the ability to make them for yourself.

Fiduciary - A person or institution who manages money or property for another and who must exercise a standard care imposed by law, i.e., personal representative or executor of an estate, a trustee, conservator, or legal guardian, etc.

Cognitive Impairment - A breakdown in a person’s mental state that may affect a person’s moods, fears, anxieties, and ability to think clearly.