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Susan M. Williamson

Susan M. Williamson empowers her clients by giving them information, options and excellent advice. “I see my primary role as one of educator,” she said. “That’s why I like this area of law. I teach clients how they can protect their families and how to make good choices that work for them. It’s all about empowering people to make educated decisions.” “I like sitting down with people, with families, explaining all the options and choices”.

“People want to protect children and elders who cannot always protect themselves,” she said. “I guide clients through the legal process and show them how the law allows them to take care of the people they love.” On the other hand, clients often first meet her when they are in a very vulnerable state. “They may need help with deeply personal issues” Williamson said. “They may feel overwhelmed and intimidated. I let them know they don’t have to walk through it alone. “

Williamson said there is an emotional aspect to her specialty. “It’s not all business with me,” she said. “When a client retains me, I take that very seriously. I respect the relationship we share, I respect their time and I keep my promises. They can count on me to help them navigate the legal system in a way that is thorough, professional and compassionate.”

Born and raised in Bay County, Williamson began her practice in the Great Lakes Bay Region during the mid-90s

Williamson and her husband, John, have three children. While two are in college and one is in high school, they are a priority in her busy life. When they share free time, she and her husband love to travel and enjoy the outdoors.