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Lori L. Bommarito

CAREER SATISFACTION CAN COME FROM many different paths. For Lori Bommarito, that direction is pretty clear cut.

“The level of career satisfaction I enjoy most occurs when I achieve a favorable result for my clients,” says Bommarito, a 18-year veteran practitioner. “To me, clients are extended family. I work hard to achieve a favorable result for them based upon their individual needs.”

Bommarito’s broad range skill set ranges from family law matters to litigation, collection, real estate, and many points in between. She is a focused and driven attorney who’s very comfortable trying cases in the courtroom and counseling clients in the office. This Hemlock native has a straightforward approach to selecting her clients.

“I have to believe in the integrity of my client as a human being and the importance of their cause,” she explains. “The case must be challenging and the client must be genuine. I’m not going to take on a matter I don’t believe in, and I’m not going to represent a client I can’t work with.”

Bommarito says that commitment to people is the very foundation of Zolton Law, a standard that sets the firm apart from its competition. “Our clients are more than just clients,” she says. “They’re like family, and as such, they deserve honesty, integrity and hard work from their attorney, someone with great attention to detail and good communication skills. That’s what we strive for.”

Living in Freeland with her husband, Alex, and their two children, Bommarito has little time for hobbies. The good news – for Bommarito and her clients – is that she enjoys her work. “I love the variety of different people that I get to work with and represent on an everyday basis,” she says. “Every position has its challenges, but I’m fortunate, because I enjoy what I do for a living and I have a great deal of support.”